house extension loft conversion Holland Park w2

Holland Park Road, W2

Project: Holland Park Road

For the lounge area, we created a wonderful sophisticated space, with modern chandeliers and ceiling lights overhead. We went for a cream coloured theme for the décor and the walls, which matched up with the bespoke furniture to create a very elegant and relaxing environment.

Our joinery crafted a number of luxurious fittings throughout the property, including the stunning wooden dining table, the windows and the tailor-made doors. Each bedroom was designed with traditional and charming elements, with premium luxury and supreme comfort in mind.

For the kitchen area, we created an open-plan design with made-to-measure storage units and countertops. In the bathrooms, we opted for beautiful marble designs, and we installed underfloor heating on the tiles to enhance the level of luxury.

Project Description

Client:  Private
Location: Holland Park Road, W2
Type of Project: House Renovation, Remodelling
Architectural Designer: APT Renovation

Our client wanted their property in Holland Park to be completely renovated and designed with high-end décor and a luxurious finish.

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house extension loft conversion fulham sw6

Racton Road, Fulham, SW6

The Challenges

In the living room and in the bedrooms, we fitted gorgeous beech wood flooring and combined it with fresh white paintwork on the walls. In the kitchen and dining room, we continued with this theme of white in the form of counters and cupboards, but with a glossy finish, and we also installed fixed lights into the ceiling above.

Part of the remodelling process involved us transforming a partition of the ceiling into glass to form a modern aesthetic, and allow daylight to enter the room. Towards the garden, we created a house extension encompassed by glass, which really adds to the already spacious open-plan dining area.

The main bathroom underwent a complete renovation to invoke a contemporary Scandinavian style, and we incorporated marble tiles, lots of glass, and a bright yellow sink countertop. We fitted a strikingly attractive ensuite bathroom with glass doors to accompany the newly built double room in the loft, which we also fitted with skylight windows.

Project Description

Client:   Janice
Location: Racton Road, Fulham, London SW6
Type of Project:  House Renovation, Remodelling, House Extension, Loft Conversion
Architectural Designer: APT Renovation

The client reached out to us for a complete renovation in terms of design, a remodelling of the structure, a house extension at the back, and a loft conversion with ensuite.

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house extension loft conversion Victoria Square sw1w

Victoria Square, Belgravia, SW1W

The Challenges

Throughout this property, our design and build team were able to complete a finish of refined luxury and premium comfort, with beautiful chic aesthetics to boot. In the living room area, our joinery masterfully created tall hash windows to significantly brighten up the space, as well as a number of other fittings and bespoke furniture.

We fitted gorgeous blue steel oak flooring and contrasted this sleek design with white paintwork, grey furniture and the occasional pops of black. We remodelled large parts of the property to uphold the traditional Victorian style of the building, whilst also incorporating it with modern design elements. In the hallway, we fitted tiled marble flooring, and lighting into the skirting boards, while we also revamped the staircase entirely.

We made sweeping changes to the kitchen area, including a stunning remodelling of the ceiling, and a new marble dining table. The bedrooms follow in the same slick style as the rest of the house, while we also managed to renovate the ensuite bathrooms to a breathtakingly modern style.

Project Description

Client:   Amanda
Location: Victoria Square, London SW1W
Type of Project: House Renovation, Remodelling, House Extensions, Loft Conversion
Architectural Designer: APT Renovation

The client initially approached us with the desire to do a full house renovation of their Victoria property, with remodelling, house extensions and a loft conversion also in mind.

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house-extension loft conversion Lysia Street sw6

Lysia Street , Fulham , SW6

The Challenges

For the main living areas, we laid out light oak flooring and painted walls white, while we also installed lighting in the ceiling. In the kitchen area, we opted for a very modern aesthetic, with white flooring, fittings and teal-blue countertops.

We also installed large skylight windows so that natural light can enter the kitchen during the day. The bedrooms were remodelled in structure to create more space, and our joinery created bespoke windows and doors for each room. For the bathrooms, we took a simplistic approach, and borrowed Nordic design elements, implementing gorgeous tiles and fitting a glass shower.

Leading out to the back, we installed glass doors, and created a garden extension to further increase the space of the property, making for a lovely patio area for guests to relax on a warm day.

Project Description

Client:   James & Nicky
Location: Lysia Street, SW6
Type of Project: House Renovation, Remodelling, Bathroom, Kitchen, Loft Conversion,House Extension
Architectural Designer: APT Renovation

Our client requested that we do a full renovation on their property in Fulham, with a total overhaul in design and décor. We were asked to revamp the bathroom, the kitchen and to do a loft conversion.

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How To Brighten Up Your Basement

Wolverton Gardens, W6

The Challenges

We have worked with our client to re-create lovely living space, as our client wanted to renovate the whole house to have a more open plan feel, Our client has chosen specific wood flooring, open plan kitchen space. We also manage to creating larger bedrooms and an en-suite, project specification including a full renovation, underfloor heating throughout ground floor, full rewiring and plumbing throughout.

Our APT Renovation team are working closely with our client throughout the project, to achieve his project goals.

Project Description

Client:   Mrs Hannah
Location: Wolverton Gardens, W6
Type of Project:   House Renovation, Remodelling, House Extensions, Loft Conversion
Architectural Designers:   AA Architectural Designers

Client approached us at APT Renovation, The client owns a 3 bedroom property, Set within a dense urban context in Marylebone. Client required a full house renovation and design & build with associated internal configurations.

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