Project Description

Client: Mathew
Location: Shandon Road, SW4
Type of Project: Remodelling, Kitchen Extension
Property Type: Semi Detached House
Architectural Designer: APT Renovation

The client wanted to create more living space in their Clapham property by making the most of the outside space with a side return extension. They also wanted to modernise the design and interior through the fittings and the remodelling of the structure.

The Challenges

So far for this property, we have dug up the flooring in the back, buried concrete in the ground and created a side return extension to increase the indoor living space on the ground floor. We have fitted fixed frameless glass panels on the side to let more natural light in and create a modern ambience.

We have also created exposed ceiling joists with lighting to add to this contemporary feel, and have fitted new wooden flooring. Sliding doors made from timber have been fitted in by our team to improve accessibility to the garden area. We have created a green roof with fertilised soil, which is now slowly starting to grow. Works are still ongoing, and we have put in place steel beams to maintain and protect the structure of the building.