How To Brighten Up Your Hallway

How To Brighten Up Your Hallway


Many properties suffer from having a dark and hallway, which is not ideal when you come in from a long day’s work or if you have guests over. APT Renovation has identified how you can brighten up your hallway:


Use A Light Palette

If your hallway is dark, then simply paint it in light colours. Consider using white paint on the walls, and perhaps white or low sheen tiles for the flooring, as they will reflect any incoming light that creeps in during the day.


Incorporate Natural Light

A simple, yet effective way to make your hallway more inviting, is to fit in some window panes into your front door. This will make the world of difference to your hallway’s brightness, and you can even use frosted glass or opal if you are concerned about your privacy. If your home is semi-detached then you may be able to install some glass panes into the side to get direct lighting.


Use Mirrors

Mirrors are a fantastic way to illuminate your hallway as it will reflect the natural light in many different directions if positioned correctly. They are also highly useful in creating the illusion of a larger space.


Utilise Light From Another Room

Fitting in an internal window is an obvious choice when borrowing light from another room, while you can also fit in doors that have clear or glass elements in them. By doing this, you will not only light up your hallway, but evenly distribute the brightness throughout the ground floor.