Kitchens Extensions London

We at APT Renovation understand that kitchen is the hub of every UK household. As the property prices are fluctuating in London, many homeowners craving extra space in the kitchen and deciding to extend their homes and add kitchen extensions.

If you already own the property and would like to stretch the space in your kitchen and if you need assistance with planning and design, our architectural designers will take this on board, but they will also have brilliant ideas of their own that you will not have even considered.

Our architectural designers have gained so much experience in extending and designing kitchen spaces as well as house extensions, so we are confident that we can do it better, and will be able to create wonderful kitchen space for you.

Also, bear in mind, house market research shows that house and kitchen extension can propel the value of a property by up to 20% in some parts of London.

“As a renovation company operating in some of the most affluent parts of London, most of our clients are more than happy with their location, and have no intention of moving out”,

explains the managing director of APT Renovation.

“Beautiful  Kitchen extensions are a brilliant way to boost space, improve the quality of life and add tremendous worth to a property”.

rear house extension project
house extension loft conversion Chesilton Road sw6