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Are you looking to extend your property living space with bigger kitchen, extra bedroom or study? Perhaps a luxury London conservatories and orangeries? APT Renovation, Ltd home remodelers can make your desired home extension a reality for you – with our extensive experience in superior quality construction recognized throughout South West, and Central London area. Our home extension architectural designers and builders will not only enhance the beauty of your existing home – a quality-built rear extension will also add value to your home.

Beauty, functionality, value – that is what  APT Renovation, Ltd home extension and loft conversion experts will bring to your home when we have the privilege of providing that all-important home addition for you.

Absolutely there is no need for a buying a bigger home when a home extension will meet your needs for more room within your budget, as well as giving your home the upscale appearance it may need. Our home remodeling experts at  APT Renovation, Ltd are able to deliver the seamless transition from the current home to the expanded one within the contracted time guidelines, working with you throughout the addition process.
We would be happy to give you a free estimate and get started on your house extension – we are ready when you are!
Bring us your ideas, and we will make them happen, taking care of all the pesky details every step of the way, with customer service always at the forefront of business with  APT Renovation, Ltd.

About Us

APT Renovation, Ltd of has been remodeling homes in Wandsworth, Kingston, Richmond, Kensington & Chelsea other areas of South West and West London.

Hundreds of London homeowners have enjoyed benefits of the using our Design & Build services. Benefits including our fiercely commitment to client satisfaction, quality assurance, exceptional service, and long-lasting value. Our clients know we provide truly professional home extension, renovation, and home construction services.

We are one of the very few firms who choose not to ask for deposits or upfront payments.

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Who we are

APT Renovation – Design & Build offer full-service design and build services tailor-made to your personal needs, and undertake residential renovation and remodelling projects delivered and managed by team of

• Project managers

• Architectural Designers

• Design consultants

• Quantity Surveyors

• Structural Engineers and professional Builders.

We are one of the very few firms who choose not to ask for deposits or upfront payments.

We take care of everything

APT Renovation offers full-service design and builds services:

• Architectural Drawings

• Planning applications

• Building Control

• Project cost estimation

• Detailed architectural CAD / 3D designs

• Construction

As well as detailed specification of fine materials and finishes.

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Our Design and Construction team will help you create a space you will love, delivered on time and on budget.

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We’ll be able to manage your entire project from Architectural Design through to Project Management and Building.

Explore how we can extend your home.

What our Architectural Designers can do for you?

One of the benefits to being an all-in-one team is that our architectural designers will work around your budget with you, and this information will be shared throughout the design & build team. This means total clarity for you along the way, rather than dealing with third-parties and the risk of getting your wires crossed. We will even advise you on how to avoid making any unnecessary costs.

If you happen to have a picture of some interior design that you may want to emulate, then you can take that straight to our architectural designers and we can replicate this as much as possible, parameters permitting. Our architectural designers know where to source every type of material and have access to all the specialist suppliers around.

At APT Renovation, our architectural designers do not miss a thing, every little detail is of paramount importance. We take pride in designing and building your dream home, and we leave no stone unturned. Our architectural designers go the extra mile when designing your home project, with every millimetre accurately covered.

The harmony of a household has a direct correlation to the amount of space a property has, particularly if the family is large. The more spacious a property, the less likely it is that petty feuds will break out of who is using what and what area is being occupied. An extra bathroom can change the whole dynamic of a household and removes the strain of having to delegate time and monitor how long one spends relaxing in the bathtub. Not only that, but an extra bathroom can add up to 6% in value.


Side Return Extension

The added space that house extensions provide mean that family members are more likely to want to spend time in their actual home rather than treating their property as just a place to rest their head at night. They can be modified into rooms of relaxation and entertainment, fitted with integrated sound systems and technology. With more and more people working remotely, the study is turning out to be a necessity for digital entrepreneurs, allowing individuals to make the most out of their productivity.

Feel free to browse our Testimonial and Project Portfolio pages.

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Wrap-around Extension

As swathes of new luxury modern apartments sweep the city, there’s also been a newfound penchant to modernising existing properties with similarly designed house extensions. These glass designs represent the new trend in contemporary architecture and can reinvent living spaces by facilitating large amounts of natural light. Not only does this brighten up the place and make it more inviting, but it also gives the illusion of even more space.

Many properties deceptively come across as being small because of the layout, so knocking down an internal wall or two is an incredibly effective way to increase the interior space. Adding 10% new floorspace can fetch 5.1% more value on the market. This can also create a contemporary feel, which is why the majority of modern properties incorporate open-plan layouts, with fresh and airy elements. The two pillars for modernism are space and light, and this is progressively being reflected in the ambitious house extensions that are taking place throughout the capital.



Kitchen Extensions

Kitchen extensions have become the most popular types of home improvements in London properties. A new kitchen can add up to 6% in value to a property and is sometimes the first thing people look for when buying. As people become more infatuated with their culinary habits, the kitchen area is becoming one of the focal social spaces as opposed to the front of the house. This is why open-plan kitchen diners are now high in demand and are often adjoined to the rear end of the house. “Our bespoke joinery specialises in bi-folding and sliding doors, which are a fantastic way to seamlessly connect to the garden area”, says Pepaj.


rear house extension project


Rear Extension

rear extension takes full advantage of the outside space and boosts the indoor capacity by integrating the flooring or materials that can be found in the garden. Shifting the extraneous space from the outside to the inside can result in a significant increase in livable room, thus encouraging household members to congregate more in this part of the property. Having this type of extra space is not only more practical for families, but is befitting of the type of lifestyle that many people crave these days.

James Dickson and his wife Nicky of Lysia Street were unwavering in their desire to remain in their Fulham home. They did, however, want to boost the space in their property, most notably by way of a refurbished kitchen that allowed easy access to the garden area. APT Renovation was able to give the property a full renovation and implement a stunning contemporary kitchen, complete with state of the art skylights to boost the overall natural lighting.

Conservatories and orangeries

Conservatories and orangeries are the most cost-effective of all house extensions and are both similar in the sense that they also merge the exterior with the interior. They are versatile in terms of functionality and can be made into dining rooms, studies, garden rooms, sun rooms and children’s rooms, to name a few. Both options allow residents to enjoy the views a garden has to offer under a relaxing confinement, regardless of what the weather is like.

Generally, single storey extensions will go ahead without hiccups, although in some instances, planning permission may be required. When it comes to multi-storey extensions, there is a whole lot more to consider, including the impact the works will have on neighbours. This type of house extension can be very protracted and can incur the wrath of complaints and opposition from those in the vicinity. The larger the project, the more scrutiny it will come under, as the works can result in less privacy for neighbours, or even deprive them of sunlight. This is why obtaining building control permission is mandatory, and a planning permission is almost a certitude.

Multi-Storey Extensions

Multi-storey extensions represent the most radical of transformations of a property and can make way for extra bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms, perfect for a growing family. Creating a new bedroom of 13 square metres has the potential to raise the value of a terraced property by up to 10%, and two new bedrooms in a semi-detached home is likely to see a 13% increase in the overall worth. Homeowners that already have three bedrooms can add up to 10% in value if they decide to go for a fourth.

Full-Service House Extension Architectural Design

Concept Design Drawings

If you are looking for a full house renovation or home improvements with APT, then our architectural designers will arrange a free no-obligation site visit at your property in West or South West of London. A site visit is essential for our architectural designers to get a better understanding of home designs and house plans of your property. Once we have this information from you, our design team will then create that unique basic design you are looking for.

architectural designers sketch concept design drawings

3D Modelling

After the basic home design drawings are finalised, our architectural designers will convert them into 3D architectural models. This will help you get a rough idea on how to make the most of the available space. From the 3D modelling, you will be able to visualise the interior theme and get the chance to see how your new bespoke furniture will look.

architectural designers able to create 3D architectural models

3D Virtual Walkthroughs

Our architectural designers will create a 3D virtual walkthrough of how your home will look when all the works are completed. It will give you a truly amazing experience. You will be able to virtually explore your new home designs and plans to see it from every possible angle. There is the chance to see how external and internal lighting will affect the rest of the interior design.

virtually explore your property in 3D virtual walkthrough

3D Photo Realistic Renders

It is also possible for our architectural designers to create a realistic 3D photo renders and house plans for your new home in London. The most amazing thing is that even though this is created before the works have begun, the render will display every aspect of the plan in full depth, including lighting, textures, and materials.

architectural designers can create realistic 3D photo renders

2D Planning Drawings

For most construction projects, planning permission is mandatory in order for the project to go ahead. To be accepted, your application has to include 2D drawings, which details (or describes) aerial surveys, site plans, house plans, floor and roof plans. Any planned elevations to the side, front or rear have to be charted in these drawings. Our architectural designers will make sure that every aspect required is submitted in the application.

architectural planning drawings

3D Floor Plans

Our architectural designers can also suggest 3D floor plans in order for you to see the full floor planning layout. Not only you will see the colour schemes and textures, you will get a good visual idea of where you can place the furniture and maximise the space with further additions. With 3D floor plans, you will have more clarity when it comes to decision making.

Floor planning layout

Planning Applications and Consents

At APT Renovation, we can handle all the boring paperwork. Part of our service is to handle the communications with your local authority in London, saving you a lot of time.
As we are familiar with the regulations and abide by them, making it very rare for any of the planning applications to be refused in Planning Portal.

We can handle building regulation submissions

Home Space Planning

Home space design is very important when it comes to architectural design. The concept drawings help us map out the interior and figure out the best location for features, such as drainage systems, radiators, switches.
The concept drawings are used when planning bathrooms, kitchen layouts or any joinery work.

Building Regulation Plans

We will handle the building regulation submissions on your behalf. Building regulations set the minimum standards for construction, this ensures the health and safety of people in or around buildings. Our project manager will make sure your work complies with the building regulations.

Building regulation approval

Building Regulation Plans

Engineering Plans

Our architectural designers use 2D drawings for structural and engineering plans. They include calculations in their CAD annotations to assist our builders during the work and help you make final amendments.

Engineering Plans

The Process

We can assure that you will be able to relax knowing that your ideal home will be extended to the highest standard achievable.

From our first consultation / Site Visit with Pre Contract Manager through to the final completion and handover of the project, you will have a dedicated team of builders and design & build architectural designers that’ are totally eccentric to your success.

Here at APT Renovation, we like to think that we are very different to the usual run of London building contractors. That’s partly down to the fact that we are one of the very few firms who choose not to ask for deposits or upfront payments. We get work started for you (including scaffolding, skips and purchase of materials), and you only start making payments to us once we are underway and you are happy with the progress so far.

Our team will be at hand for you every step of the way to ensure that your project runs smoothly, and in the way that you envisioned – offering full transparency in the process. The happiness of our customers is of paramount importance to us, which is why pride ourselves in bespoke customer care, and attention to all the fine details.

We are happy to work on projects across London from as little as £50,000 and are able to provide a full service for jobs right up to £3m+. We also offer a comprehensive architectural design and visualization service.

Please contact us with any questions you might have. Call us today on 0207 223 6417 to talk about your plans and your vision for your home.

Check our process in detail.

Some of our Ongoing Extension Projects.

design and build rear house extension
Rear house extension in Fulham sw6
Kitchen and House extension project in Wimbledon
Spacious house extension in West norwood

Start the process of Design and Build House or Kitchen Extension. Call today!

Our Design and Construction team will help you create a space you will love, delivered on time and on budget.

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A Building Inspector will visit at regular stages throughout the project, their job is to make sure that we are adhering to all the latest building regulations. Upon completion of works The Building Inspector will make a final visit and you will be issued with a completion certificate.


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