How We Work


There are many aspects of a build project that we at APT Renovations can help you with. This includes both securing planning permission for your build, and helping you with the design of a home that is tailor-made just for you.


It is expected that you will have two or three meetings with our designers.  This is required to ensure that your renovation will match your aspirations according to your budget.


A full site survey will be undertaken, using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. This will enable the production of drawings showing a current plan of your property.


We will prepare and submit all documentation that is necessary.  This consists of planning permission, building regulatory permits & any other appropriate for your build. As your agent, we will also deal with any queries arising in connection with the application. We will ensure, however, that the structural integrity surpasses all of the survey, and that all of the relevant Council’s guidelines are met, prior to making any submission on your behalf.


We at APT Renovation will also take responsibility for any necessary structural engineering issues relating to Building Control & party wall actions.


This is the stage between finalising your design and obtaining planning permission, and starting the work itself. A number of actions, such as obtaining a Licence to Alter, drafting Temporary Works Designs or dealing with Party Wall-related matters, might need to be carried out during this stage. First, however, it will be necessary for us to provide you with a final quotation for the works.


One of our pricing specialists will discuss the detail of the entire project with you, in order to be absolutely clear on your requirements and to draft a detailed final quotation.


This part of the process has to be subcontracted to an independent surveyor. We can, however, help you with the selection of such a surveyor, and with the provision of any information that he or she might need.


Accompanying the drawing up of a detailed quotation will be the production of a precise work plan, which will describe the key activities required for completing the project. This will include the scheduling of deliveries of materials, appliances, windows etc. These material will arrive on time be delivered before each phase of the build.


When you are happy with the quotation and work plan, we will draw up a contract specifying the schedule of work, the total cost of the project and an agreed payment schedule. This contract can be one approved by the Federation of Master Builders or the Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT), or any other type of contract that you prefer.


We at APT Renovation can deal with all issues related to the Building Control process.  We can liaise with your local authority’s Building Control department on your behalf and get your drawings signed off from the council.


The build itself will be overseen by a single APT Project Manager, who will ensure that all activities are completed on time and on budget, according to the agreed work plan.


At the very beginning of the build process, we will arrange a meeting between yourself and two key members of our team – the Project Manager and the Site Manager.


During the build, we will be diligent in observing all relevant Health & Safety protocols. We will perform onsite monitoring and checking the quality of the work carried out. We will also manage communications with Building Control officers and other relevant bodies, and will oversee the involvement of any subcontractors engaged for specific aspects of the work.


We suggest holding a weekly meeting, to update you on progress with the build. This will further ensure that the works are carried out on schedule and within the agreed budget.


We have a good relationship with many suppliers of interior design products.  We would be delighted to assist you with applying the finishing design touches to your project.


Once the main building phase is completed, many final tasks remain before your vision is fulfilled.


These are the important activities that turn a building into a home, such as the installation of appliances, the provision of soft furnishings and the placing of furniture.


The final act will be to make a detailed inspection of all of the work carried out. We will provide you with all warranties and user manuals relating to appliances and equipment installed. We will sign off the project as soon as you confirm that you are completely satisfied with the work we have done.