Mansard Loft Conversions


All You Need to Know

Mansard loft conversions often require more construction work than other types of loft conversions, but can result in creating a significantly larger living space in your home, regardless of property type. Here, we provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about mansard loft conversions.

Is Planning Permission Required for Mansard Loft Conversions?

Planning permission is almost always required for this type of extension. These conversions create maximum living space within your roof by effectively creating another storey to your property. As this results in changes to the roof shape and structure, it is highly likely that planning permission will be needed from your local authority.

What Types of Houses are Best for Mansard Conversions?

Mansard roofs are particularly common in London and other urban areas and can often be seen across whole rows of older terraced properties. Although not regularly seen in suburban areas – flat roof dormers are typically cheaper and simpler to construct – mansard roofs are actually suitable for almost all types of properties. Detached, semi-detached and terraced houses, as well as chalets and bungalows, can all typically house mansard loft conversions.

In terms of aesthetics, the external walls of a mansard extension can be exposed brickwork, rendered or clad with slate or tile whichever best fits with your property.

Pros and Cons of Mansard Loft Conversions

To summarise, some of the pros of mansard loft conversions include:
Creates maximum space in the roof of your existing property
Suitable for many different types of property
Can be finished in a number of ways to match the existing building style

Some of the cons include:

Planning permission is almost always required
Often more expensive when compared to other types of conversion
Requires considerable amount of construction work
APT Renovation are pleased to be able to offer you an inclusive service, drawing of plans and subsequent submitting of plans right through to the actual build and decoration.

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