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Project Description

Client:   Patrick Stevens
Location: Trebovir Road, SW5
Type of Project: House Renovation, Remodelling, Basement Conversion, Kitchen Extension
Architectural Designer: APT Renovation

Our client wanted a full renovation of their Earls Court property, including a basement conversion, a kitchen extension and a complete remodelling and redesign of the interior décor.

The Challenges

We were able to give this property a complete makeover, and provide a stunningly modern finish. We installed lighting in the ceiling throughout the property, which gives off an intimate ambience.

Our bespoke joinery created countless stunning fittings to go in every room, including tables, desks, wardrobes and cabinets, all made from the finest wood around. The joinery was also responsible for the expertly crafted sash windows and tailor-made doors that blend seamlessly with the property’s aesthetics. In terms of space, we maximised it in every way possible, and turned the basement into a stunning gym area, complete with light wooden flooring, white paintwork and shelving for water and refreshments.

The dining area was turned into a sleek luxury space with a deluxe marble table and impressive modern chandeliers.

The bathrooms were also completely renovated and feature white tile flooring, large mirrors and light wooden accents.