Best Ways To Communicate With Your Architect

Best Ways To Communicate With Your Architectural Designer


Having ideas for your dream home is one thing, but conveying them to your architectural designer is definitely another. Here are the best ways to communicate with your architectural designer:


Arrange A Site Visit

First things first, you want your architectural designers to see your home in person, so that they can see what the space is like, and also to see what your style preferences are like. Measurements will also be taken, so that the architectural designer can accurately map out what needs to be done.


Lists And Images

The more information you write down for your architectural designer, the better. Writing down lists and elaborating where possible are incredibly helpful to facilitating the understanding of your architectural designer. Where possible, try and get as many images saved as well – these could be anything from materials, textures to fittings.


Reveal Your Tastes

Letting your architectural designer know about your preferred taste in art, fashion and style will go a long way to helping them know what will work best for you. If you already have clear preferences in traditional décor and design for example, then it would be wise to let your architectural designer know from the offset, so as to avoid any them suggesting any contemporary ideas for your project.


Consider Functionality

Functionality is key when coming up with concepts for your property. If you have children, then you may want to consider going for an open-plan layout so you can keep an eye on them at all times. If you work from home, then you may want a study or home office created which allows you to work or study in solitude.

Create An Attractive Utility Room

Create An Attractive Utility Room


Utility or laundry rooms are often considered as the most unattractive parts of the house, and are mostly neglected in terms of décor. We have taken a look at some ways to add some character and charm to these rooms:


Vibrant Colours

Doing the laundry is definitely not the most glamorous of tasks, but why not jazz up the whole process with some lively colours? Seeing as you won’t be spending much time in the utility room, you could go for some bold colours that you wouldn’t usually go for in the rest of your home, just to make it that little bit more interesting.


Add Some Nature

Utility rooms can sometimes feel rather claustrophobic, so adding some natural elements into the mix will do wonders to combat this feeling. Adding some plants and flowers in are a great way to escape the brooding feeling you get when doing the laundry.


Attractive Flooring

Most utility and laundry rooms will have very unremarkable flooring, so it’s a good idea to break that mould and go for something more attractive. You could go for a patterned vinyl flooring, or even a marble surface if you want that feeling of luxury.


Create Space

Once you have all your appliances laid out in your utility room, it will most likely seem rather cramped. A great technique to avert this and to create more space is to embed the washing machine and other utilities into the wall!