How To Brighten Up Your Basement


APT Renovation has undergone many basement conversions throughout London, and we know that the one thing that makes the world of difference, is lighting. Here are the best ways to illuminate your basement:


Layer The Lighting

Spotlights are the most commonly used form of lighting for basements, but it shouldn’t end there. To make your basement feel as homely as possible, you should layer the lighting. Pendants are a great way to add an atmospheric feel, while accent lighting can also boost the general ambience.


Use Sconces

Fixing sconces into the back wall of your basement can create the illusion of higher ceilings. This will also make for a far more inviting space.


Fit In Track Lights

To set your basement apart from others and get a more modern look, then you should look to fit in some track lights alongside the exposed joists. This will brighten up your basement significantly and give it a fresh feel.


Light Up Soffits

You can make your basement even cosier if you install recessed spotlights into the soffits within the ceiling. Not only will this add a significant degree of lighting to your basement, you won’t reduce your ceiling height, and you will achieve an intimate vibe.