Black Walls


Going for black walls in your home is often seen as a risky move, as darkness can often evoke a brooding and moody feeling. This type of look is being incorporated more though, and there are ways to make black walls look beautiful in your home. APT has looked at how to get the best out of black walls:


Contrast With White

Combining black and white is the oldest trick in the book, and it usually works wonders in terms of aesthetics. People generally tend to go with white walls and black flooring, but it can also work both ways. Having pure white furniture will make this contrast stand out even more and create a dazzling and inviting effect.


Pale Wood

Black walls can be complemented beautifully with pale wood, as the tones are accentuated by their differences. Using this combination creates a lovely contemporary feel, and is especially effective when used in kitchens, with the pale wood generally suited to drawers and cabinets.


Have A Few Plants

Sometimes, too much black can exude a miserable and uninviting vibe, but if you add in a few plants, you can transform the space and make it seem much more jovial. Although most people think white goes better with green, plants also merges beautifully with the colour black.


Mix In Other Colours

Mixing in colours such as yellow change the whole dynamic of your interior by creating a strong sense of energy and vibrancy. Experimenting with bold and bright colours such as turquoise or red can also add some much needed zest to contrast the black walls.