Loft Conversion Ideas



A loft conversion usually represents the best way to add an additional bedroom in your property. APT Renovation has looked at some potential ideas for you if you are considering a loft conversion:


Simple Loft Conversion

Sometimes planning permission may not allow you to fit in dormers, so if this is the case, you should think about a standard open-plan loft conversion, which is the best bet in terms of expenditure. All that is required is some insulation, refurbishment and some homely lighting installed.


Conversion With Bathroom

If you’re lucky enough to have lots of space in your roof, then you could opt for an additional bathroom for your loft conversion. Installing roof lights will create a very airy and relaxing space for when you want to relax in the tub.


Rear Dormer

If you want to maximise the head height in your loft, then this is the best option for you. This type of conversion usually complies with planning permission, as the front slope of the roof remains unchanged. A rear dormer is a great way to boost the functionality of your loft, ensuring that it becomes an important part of the house.




If the floor-to-ceiling height in your roof is lacking, then you may want to choose to create a mezzanine to accommodate new space. By choosing a mezzanine, you get the chance to compartmentalise 2 different levels and you can fit in some skylights, and bring in a healthy amount of natural light.