Amazing Staircase Ideas

Amazing Staircase Ideas


A staircase not only serves as an important functionality in the household, but it has the potential to create a stunning effect to complement the rest of a property. APT have looked at some incredibly inventive ways in which you could transform your staircase:


Use Wires Instead Of Walls

Getting rid of the walls beside the staircase is a fantastic way to create a more seamless and open-plan effect between 2 storeys. Using wires instead of walls is a stunning aesthetic alternative, and gives off the illusion that your steps are floating.


Exposed Undersides

Exposing the undersides of your staircase will create some beautiful geometric angles that can add a whole new dynamic to your décor. Also, if your staircase is white, there is more chance of bouncing off natural light and creating subtle shadows.


Insert Storage

If you are running out of places to store things in your home, then one ingenious method to solve this is to insert drawers into the stairs. These are ideal for storing things such as shoes, particularly when you have a lot of people living in the house.


LED Lights

Using LED lights on your staircase can create a very mystical ambience in your home. If you have wooden steps then you can really achieve a dramatic effect if you fit the lights on both sides. This will illuminate the wood and give it a far more pronounced look.