Benefits Of A Bespoke Joinery

Benefits Of A Bespoke Joinery


As well as being a fully comprehensive design & build team, APT Renovation also boasts its own bespoke joinery. Here’s some of the benefits a joinery such as ours can bring you:



Our bespoke joinery specialises in making you maximise the space and usage of your home, with made-to-measure, custom fitted furniture that is unique only to your household. Rather than buying the furniture from the store and run the risk of it not fitting or looking good, you have the luxury of choosing exactly how you want your furniture to look and measure.


Extra Help With Your Property

As well as crafting furniture from scratch, our bespoke joinery can also customise existing fittings and items in your property and tailor these to your needs. This can include adding extra shelving in storage units, remodelling the layout of your wardrobe or even obscuring any unattractive wiring.


Add Value

By having our bespoke joinery create furniture and fittings for you, you are adding real value to your home. Any property that includes bespoke and unique features is always sure to be very appealing to prospective buyers, and is a surefire way to propel the worth of your home.


Get That Natural Wooden Finish

Wood is a hugely versatile material that is favoured by homeowners and builders alike, particularly because it provides excellent insulation, and is incredibly efficient. There are so many different finishes that can be achieved with wood, and nothing beats the organic sense of nature it can bring to your living space.