Benefits of Choosing a Design & Build Team

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When it comes to home improvements and renovations, the traditional way to go is to use an architectural designer and then use general contractors separately. Here at APT, we pride ourselves on being an all-inclusive design & build team, covering all aspects of your home desires. We have broken down the top five reasons why you should opt for a design & build team like ours rather than the conventional way:

No Middlemen

Going with a design & build team like APT means that everyone is on board with the same project, and has the same people trying to complete them, which means no wires will get crossed. Having the architectural designers on the same team as the builders means that everyone will work in tandem to make your dream home come true, without the need to bring in anyone else. In the rare event that anything does go wrong, there will be full accountability rather than fingers being pointed at separate contractors. Every challenge is overcome easier when you have a team that are fully in sync with each other.

Experience & Expertise

A design & build team doesn’t prioritise one aspect over the other – we are experts in both fields, which is why we can offer you a complete and comprehensive experience. It’s important to remember that a design & build team like APT is a serious business with years of experience, and there are many contractors and builders out there who pose as architectural designers (or vice versa) when they have little to no experience in this field. Not only do our licensed architects possess unrivalled amounts of experience when it comes to design, but our build team have been working with them side by side, having completed a wide range of stunning home renovations and improvements throughout London.


Typically, using separate consultants, architectural designers and contractors will incur greater fees, which is why a fully integrated design & build team is more cost-effective. In fact, you could save over 10% if you opt for a design & build team. Our architectural designers have a full understanding of pricing and use this knowledge in accordance with your budget while the designing process takes place. Here at APT, we do not take any upfront fees or deposits, rather, we start taking payments once works are underway and you are entirely happy with proceedings.


One of the benefits of using one team is that communication is never an issue, as each member will be fully briefed on the objectives. All dialogues and plans will be totally transparent from start to finish with a design & build team. At APT, we try to engage with our clients as much as possible, to make them understand the nature of the works and what needs to be done and why. We are also at hand to offer professional advice when needed and are wholly committed to giving you our honest truth, regardless of the situation.


The more third-parties you invite to work on your project, the more time it will take to complete it. This is because you have to work around different availabilities, and the whole process will not go as smoothly as it will if you choose to go with a design & build team. Because the whole build process can be really complicated and drawn out, having one company perform everything is far more efficient in terms of practicality and in terms of timing. Our design & build team is highly adaptive to any circumstances that may arise, and will always strive to achieve the best results in the most timely and cost-effective manner.


Choosing a design & build team will be sure to give your home project far more continuity and consistency than going with the outdated separate route. With more home improvements taking place than ever before, more people are starting to reap the rewards of using a design & build company. With APT Renovation, you have one of the leading experts in the industry at your disposal, especially when it comes to London.