Ceiling Ideas

Ceiling Ideas


Going all-white is usually the default choice when it comes to painting ceilings, but there are a number of other options that can set your home apart from others. APT Renovation has looked at some excellent ideas for your ceilings:



Opting for a polished concrete ceiling will give you a highly contemporary look in your home, especially if you have pure white walls and high-class furniture. Concrete also makes it seem as if there is more room in your property, and works wonders in open-plan spaces.



It is true that white ceilings are very useful in spreading more light around the place, but metal is another unique alternative that you can use to the same effect. Not only does metal increase the circulation of light, but it is also fairly cheap to fit and gives off a very modern look.



Believe it or not, but wallpaper can actually be used on other surfaces other than walls! Having wallpaper on your ceiling may be relatively tricky to implement, but it can work wonders in terms of improving the overall look. You can also create the illusion of taller ceilings if you paint the moulding around the edges the same colour as the walls.


Go Black

If you have a lightly coloured interior and tall ceilings, then going for a black ceiling can create a very striking look. Although the ceiling will appear to be lower, this look goes exceedingly well with cream colours and dark wood.



Timber is often used for flooring and walls to great effect, but it can also work as a stunning material for your ceiling. With timber, you can choose various different shades to complement your interior design, and whichever tone you go with, you can be sure that it will result in a cosy environment.