Creative Ideas For Wardrobes

Creative Ideas For Wardrobes


APT Renovation specialise in creating made to measure wardrobes for your home, thanks to our bespoke joinery. We have looked at some creative ways you can incorporate wardrobes into your rooms:


Raised Wardrobes

A great technique for organising your wardrobes is to raise them above the ground and onto the wall. This will allow you to have even more storage for clothing, and to also free up some much-needed floor space.


Low Wardrobes

If your room is in a loft, or you are lacking in headspace, then the chances are you won’t be able to fit a full-size wardrobe in there. What you can do though, is put a low-hanging wardrobe in there, complete with an easy to access hanging tail and maybe some LED lights for the style.


Integrate With Bed

Some rooms come in awkward shapes, making it hard to fit in a wardrobe that is able to store all of your clothing. If you are finding it hard to fit a wardrobe in because of the obstructive angles, then you could build one directly over your bed. Not only is this efficient in terms of freeing up space, but it also creates a lovely aesthetic.


Shelf Rails

Another great way to free up more space in your room is to create a shelf rail, where you can hang your shirts and jackets up with pegs. This particular style of wardrobe not only allows you ample storage space but it also works very well with minimalist interior designs.