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Traditionally speaking, house renovations are usually designed separately by architectural designers, and then carried out by contractors. What sets us out from the others, is that we are a fully comprehensive team, meaning that we cover all aspects of your dream home, from the design & build, right to the fit-out. We have looked at the reasons why you should go for a design & build team such as APT, rather than using multiple contractors:

Erase The Middlemen

Choosing APT Renovation for your home project means that you will have the same team working on it from the initial design procedure, right to the end. This will result in a much more cohesive process from start to finish, which you will not get if you opt to use separate contractors. When you have a design & build team like ours, you can be safe in the knowledge that everyone is on board with the project and there will be total accountability in the rare event that something goes wrong along the way.

 Expertise In All Areas

Unfortunately, there are people in the construction industry who claim to know more than they do. For example, it’s not unheard of to come across contractors or builders who claim they are also architectural designers, and the same can also be said in reverse. This is why choosing a design & build team like APT Renovation will have you safe in the knowledge that we are experts in every aspect. Not only are our builders and engineers the finest and most skilled in the business, our in-house architectural designers are fully licensed and have a wealth of experience in designing state-of-the-art interiors and house extensions throughout London.


Opting for a design & build team not only makes your life easier in terms of convenience, but it is also a far more cost-effective option. If you decide to choose architectural designers, consultants and contractors separately, then you could end up paying more than 10% extra than if you choose a design & build team like APT. From the outset, our architectural designers will be able to let you know what you can expect in terms of pricing, and will be able to help you adhere to your budget. Our architectural designers and consultants have in-depth knowledge when it comes to the costs of materials and labour, so you can rest assured that their advice will be accurate. We also only start taking payments from you once the works have commenced, and take no upfront fees like some companies.

 Better Communication

Another huge benefit in choosing a design & build team instead of going down the traditional route is that you can be sure that communication between all parties will never be a problem. Right from the very first site visit at your home, our whole team will be fully briefed on what the objectives are and what challenges lie ahead. Here at APT, we like to be fully transparent with our clients, and show them what we are doing, how we are doing it and why it needs to be done. Not only that, but we are readily available to give you all the expert advice you need when it comes to any home improvements, planning permissions or building regulations.

 Get It Done Quicker

Using a selection of third-parties to work on your house renovation runs a big risk of it being delayed. This is because the contractors won’t be in sync with each other, and will most likely have different schedules as opposed to choosing a comprehensive design & build team like APT. A house renovation can be a very complex and protracted process, so it’s far more convenient to have an all-inclusive team working on it, who have worked together on many huge projects. Our team are amazing at completing projects in a timely manner, and are incredibly adaptive to any mishaps that may occur.


At APT Renovation, we pride ourselves on being able to give your home improvement projects more continuity, convenience and expertise than other contractors and designers. More and more people are beginning to see the benefits of choosing a design & build team rather than the outdated and tried and tested way. APT Renovation are one of the leading experts in London when it comes to the whole design & build process, so why not give us a call?