Make Your House Extension Eco-Friendly

make your house extension eco-friendly


If you are looking to boost the value of your property and increase livable space, then a house extension can do you wonders. An extension represents a momentous investment, so not only is it important to get it right but also to be mindful of the ongoing expenditures. This is why extending your home  as eco-friendly as possible is so important, as it will reduce costs and also have a less harmful impact on the environment. APT Renovation reveals how you can end up paying less and doing more for the environment:


The type of lighting you choose has a significant correlation to the windows you choose. For example, if you go with Velux windows or skylights, you will have a great deal of natural light during the day, and will not need to use as much electricity. More and more, people are opting to go for a house extension with lots of glass, which incorporates the outside with the inside. This makes it a more natural and eco-friendly living space, as well as aesthetically contemporary. During the evenings, artificial lighting will, of course, be needed, so energy efficient light bulbs can do the trick, and are far cheaper than normal light bulbs.


The best way to insulate your housing extension is by installing a layer of insulation material to an external wall, which is then embedded in seamlessly and then covered. This method is a brilliant way to ensure that your heating bills will be minimal and also reduces the negative impact on the environment. Not only that, but this type of insulation prevents moisture and damp by warming the dew out of the wall. It is also effective in blocking out external noise.

Heating Panels

Infrared heating panels are relatively new to domestic properties, but they are not only incredibly cost-effective, they are equally effective in heating a property. The way it works is by transmitting electromagnetic radiation from visible light. Although the term ‘radiation’ is often considered harmful, this method is completely safe, and naturally, occurs within the human body. These panels are versatile in design and can make for an aesthetic enhancement to your house extension.


heating pannels



It is no wonder a long session of painting can result in a headache, as the large majority of paint brands contain toxic petrochemicals. Not only are these harmful for the environment, but they can also result in neurological disorders and other health risks if exposed to them for great lengths of time. Luckily, there are a number of eco-friendly paints on the market that are of excellent quality.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular in properties, particularly in house extensions, as they provide a wonderfully warm and homely feeling, especially in the winter. This method of heating is often regarded as more expensive than other types but is an excellent way to make your home more energy efficient. It also distributes warmth far more evenly as opposed to the sparse heating standard radiators bring.