Exposed Ceiling Finishes

Exposed Finishes


A lot of artwork throughout history has remained unfinished, but this hasn’t diminished their beauty. The same can be said for properties that adopt this unfinished look. Here are some techniques that you can use to achieve this exposed finish in your home:


Structural Wood

Exposing your timber and oak beams is a common feature in many homes, and is equally suitable in a traditional home as it is in a contemporary space. This type of look works so well because it incorporates natural elements into the confines of your home, changing the dynamic entirely.



Having a partition of the wall that is exposed brickwork can really add some character to a living area, particularly if you align this with some clever lighting. Generally speaking, brickwork gives off a cold effect, but the asymmetrical textures and colours are great design elements to play around with.



Concrete is a fantastic material to use for an exposed finish, especially if you are going for a minimalistic effect. The imperfection of the surface gives a raw visual effect and can combine well with artwork or unique ornaments.



To get the more industrial look, steel is an excellent material to use. Having exposed steel structures can really create a stunning yet unfinished aesthetic, and combines well with an exposed ducting system or pipework.



Plywood is a very cost-effective material to use, and it definitely gives off the impression of an unfinished design. Not only that, but it adds warmth to a space, and can be painted at any time if the look begins to bore you at a later date.