Interior Doors

Choose The Right Interior Doors

Before renovating your property, it’s worth putting some thought into how you want your interior doors to look as they can make a huge impact on the overall style and function of your home. At APT, we have our own bespoke joinery to create the perfect doors for you, here are a few you might want to consider:



Glazed doors are a great way to circulate natural light throughout your home. Although these kinds of doors can impede privacy, they are very useful if you want to keep an eye out for your children in the next room.


Metal Frames

Metal framed doors give off a very sleek look, and despite looking rather industrial, they actually bring a sense of luxury to your home. This look works very well with glazed windows, and combines perfectly to make your home look very contemporary.



If your property has a beautiful interior, then you should consider using mirrors on your doors to reflect it and make the space look even larger than it is. Mirrored doors give your home a far more refined look, but it’s worth remembering that you will need to polish the surface often.



Sometimes when a property has a very modern look, it’s great to add a few rustic elements into the mix to give it some much needed charm. Our bespoke joinery can select some fine vintage wood for your doors that will really make a huge difference to the overall décor.