How To Make The Unsightly Attractive

How To Make The Unsightly Attractive


It’s safe to say that in any household, there are aspects and items that are not attractive to look at. This includes the inevitable clutter that seems to manifest from nowhere as each year passes by. Here’s how you can make these unsightly items seem more attractive:


Obscure Your Wheelie Bins

Let’s face it, wheelie bins are not the most sightly things to see, as they appear cumbersome and are generally an unfavourable swamp-like colour. This is especially noticeable if the exterior of your home looks radiant. A good idea is to conceal them with a storage hut of some sort, and only bring them out once you need to use them.


Combine Your Clutter

Sometimes we can be very reluctant to let go of clutter, so to make the most out of this hoard mentality, why not experiment by combining random items together to see if they complement each other? If you move the items onto some neat shelving, and combine and contrast the colours, then you may be impressed with your results!


Manage Your Paperwork

Piled up paperwork is an unavoidable fact of life. Most of the paperwork we receive through the mail probably ends up being worthless to us, but when it comes down to the essential files that we need, we should really keep them some place safe, rather than sprawled out in different locations. Creating an attractive, colour-coded storage system for your important paperwork will do wonders in decluttering your room, as well as your mind.


Spruce Up Your Staircase

If your staircase is unattractive, then there are ways to make it look more pleasing on the eye. Firstly, you should consider brightening it up with some paint, adding a runner or putting colour on the risers. You could also revamp the bannisters and add some creativity to them by adding framework, metalwork, slats or opting for glass.