How To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

make the bathroom look bigger

Although a bathroom is usually meant for one person to use at a time, a lack of space can sometimes be an issue for many. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, then we have identified some of the most effective ways that you can free up space and make your bathroom look larger.


Glass Cubicles

If it is your wish to have a bathtub and a separate shower in your bathroom, then this will definitely impede the amount of available space. Traditional shower cubicles can appear to take up quite a significant chunk of space in bathrooms, so one excellent way around this is to install a frameless glass shower cubicle, as light will shine through it and give off the illusion of more overall space.


Create New Storage

Many small bathrooms may feel like they aren’t spacious enough for built-in cupboards, but a clever design can definitely pave the way for some small storage cabinets. Creating small storage units will help to free up clutter and various other items that contribute to making a cramped looking bathroom.


Make Floorspace

Keeping the floor space clear in your bathroom will go a long way to making it look bigger than it actually is. Going for a wall-hung basin will also contribute to you having more floor space, and will also bring a very attractive design to your bathroom that is far easier to clean than a traditional basin. You will also be able to store more items underneath the basin, which will free up even more space.


Wet Room Or New Shower Tray

In some instances, you will be able to turn your bathroom into a wet room, which means that there is no restriction of where you can use water and shower. This also gives the effect of more space as there will be no need for a shower tray. If a wet room isn’t feasible for your bathroom, then you can do the next best thing, which is install a slimline shower tray that will be very unnoticeable and will give the impression of more room.


Skylight Windows

The more natural light that comes into the bathroom, the more spacious it will feel. Installing a skylight window in your bathroom will bring in a large amount of light, and is the perfect solution for a cramped bathroom. Not only that, but the window will also let in ventilation and freshen up the whole space.