Indications That You May Need To Hire A Designer


Although a house renovation is a very exciting project, it is also incredibly challenging, particularly for those with no experience. Here are some indications that suggest you may need to hire an interior designer:


It’s Your Home For Life

If you are planning your project for a property that you don’t intend to sell, and where you see yourself for life, then you need to make sure it is as good as it gets. Our designer will make recommendations to you that will serve you for the long term, instead of focussing on the marketability of the property. Your home should represent you, and our interior designer will be able to do this through their expert perspective.


You Are Indecisive

Perhaps you have too many ideas swirling around in your head and can’t commit to one design for your home? If you do feel overwhelmed with all of these ideas then an interior designer/architectural designer can help you weed out the ideas that won’t work so well, and incorporate the ones that will. Essentially they can get you back to basics, and give you visual aids so you can see what your final outcome will look like. At APT, our in-house architectural designers will be sure to get the balance right.


You Don’t Have Enough Time

Having a job, a family and a social life are hard enough to juggle as it is, so the thought of having to take on a whole renovation project by yourself can be a daunting one. Sometimes, there simply isn’t enough time in the day, so to save yourself the time, an interior designer can help guide you through this process.


You Can’t Agree With Your Partner

If you can’t agree with your partner on what you want to happen with your home, then the most logical way to solve this is to consult with our designer, who will act as the mediator between you both. Our designer will listen to the both of you, and try to incorporate and combine your preferences into a design that will please you both.