Period Home Features

Knowing Your Period Features


Victorian and Georgian homes are filled with features that are derived from classical architecture, while other features are a direct result of the restrictions that builders and architectural designers faced at the time. Here are some distinct features that you will find in most period homes:



A cornice marks the separation between the wall and the ceiling and can sometimes be elaborately designed in the more affluent properties, or it can just be plain. These are usually painted in white, but they can also be in a range of other bold colours to make a room stand out.


Corbels can be found over fireplaces, hallways and stairways and are usually made of plaster. In some luxurious homes, the corbels can be made from marble or slate. Typical designs usually incorporate floral imagery or scroll parchment.



The architrave is the thin outline of wood that can be seen around doors, windows and built-in cupboards, and is used to cover the areas that plaster can’t with regards to potential cracking. This type of framing remains virtually unchanged to this day, and is seen in the vast majority of properties in the UK.


Dado Rail

A dado rail originates from the Georgian era and can be found in many hallways and staircases, and is an architrave that is usually 90 cm higher than the floor, and extends along the wall. Despite the dado rail vanishing from properties during the Victorian era, they are now quite sought after and create a lovely decorative effect.