Maximise The Space Underneath Your Staircase

Maximise The Space Underneath Your Staircase


The space underneath a staircase is often overlooked, but this can often be a great place to add some storage or even create a mini room. APT have looked at the ways that you can maximise this space:


Install A Study

Putting in a little study underneath the staircase is a great way to make the most out of this redundant space and also won’t set you back much in terms of money. All you need to do is add a desk, a chair, some low-key lighting and perhaps fit some storage units into the wall.


Miniature Art Gallery

Instead of wasting the wall space, why not add your own mini gallery with all of your favourite pieces of art? You could also use the space to put up pictures of your travels, or even photographs of you and your family.


Bicycle/Pram Storage

If you or any of your family members are cyclists, then you could use the free space underneath the stairs to store bicycles, rather than have them take up space or run the risk of getting them stolen outside. Additionally, pushchairs or mobility scooters could also be stored in this space.


Play Den

It’s no secret that children love playing in enclosed spaces such as tents and dense, so if you do have kids, think about creating a play den underneath the staircase. You could make it very cosy for them by putting in some cushions and bean bags, while you could also add some vibrancy to the space with toys and bright colours on the walls.