Skylights To Brighten Your Living Space

Benefits Of Skylights


While windows are usually found in walls, they can also feature in ceilings to give you stunning sky views and to brighten up your space. APT has looked at how skylights can benefit your household:


Add Height

Having skylight windows can not only give you more natural light, but it can also give you a lot more extra height, which has a huge impact on how spacious your property feels. This extra height and light also negates any feeling of claustrophobia.


Improve Functionality

While skylights are often used generically to boost the brightness, you can also take advantage of them in terms of functionality and place an area of study directly underneath them. Another common area in the house to have skylight windows is in the kitchen, as this helps with all kitchen activities and saves you money on electrical lighting.


Shaped Windows

You don’t need to go for conventional skylight windows in your property, instead you could try a different shape like a circle or a triangle. Not only will this look unique and dynamic, but it will serve as a major talking point when you have guests over.


Illuminate Your Bathroom

Skylight windows can make excellent additions in bathrooms, as they allow natural light to pour in while you in there, and they maintain your privacy at the same time. You can also peer up to the stars at night whilst you relax in the bath tub.