Solid Wood Alternatives

Solid Wood Alternatives


Solid wood is often used for a vast array of surfaces in properties, especially for flooring, kitchen units and furniture. However, there are a few alternatives to use that can sometimes be better suited to your home. APT have looked at some excellent materials that you could use in your home instead of solid wood:



Although bamboo looks like wood, it actually comes from the grass family, and is a highly regenerative plant that grows very fast and is also eco-friendly. Bamboo can be used as a substitute for solid wooden flooring, as it is very durable and can come in a variety of different finishes, much like wood.



Cork is another durable material that is becoming increasingly popular, as it has many benefits. Not only does it look attractive, it is also eco-friendly as it is extracted from the bark of a tree, meaning no trees are cut down. For flooring, cork has a more warm and softer feeling than any other surface material, and it also has a very distinct, easy on the eye look.



Vinyl is a great substitute to use instead of real wood, and even though it is a synthetic man-made material, it can often look just as real as wood. This material is especially useful to have in your bathroom or kitchen where you want to achieve a wooden look, but don’t want the wood to get damaged by water.


Porcelain / Ceramic

Porcelain and ceramic are other materials you can use to mimic the wooden look for your bathroom and kitchen, as they are perfectly suited to areas of high moisture unlike wood. They also work for extensions such as conservatories where lots of sunlight comes in, as the colour of both these materials never fades.