Transform Your House With 3D Wall Surfaces

Transform Your House With 3D Wall Surfaces

Transform Your House With 3D Wall Surfaces

3D wall surfaces are being used more often in home renovations than ever before, as there is so much scope for design and creativity. APT Renovation has looked at some brilliant 3D wall surface ideas that can transform your home:

Wave Patterns

To create a sense of calm and tranquillity in your home, why not got for some waved textures in a light colour? This can bring a very relaxing ambience to your home, and also gives the illusion of a longer wall. It’s probably best not to overdo it with the textures though, and use it for only one wall, as it can create a nice contrast with painted brickwork or stonework.

Stone Surfaces

While many 3D wall surfaces are used to create a contemporary effect, using a stone is an effective way to make your property look more traditional and rustic. Using stonework on the walls near your garden area also gives the impression that the outside is connected to the inside, and also gives off a warm feeling, particularly during the winter.

Wooden Panels

For a more country look, wood panelling is a lovely theme to use on the walls, particularly in the kitchen and dining area. Picking lighter, natural woods for your walls can also be used to create a modern Scandinavian interior style, which is so different from the darker hues of wood.

Enhance Your Bathroom

Using 3D ceramic surfaces in your bathroom can do wonders in terms of enhancing its style. Think about going for circular or cracked patterns on the walls, as they can make your bathroom feel chic like a luxurious hotel.