Types Of Paint And Which One To Use

Types Of Paint And Which One To Use


The paint job is the finishing touch to any interior design or renovation. APT Renovation has broken down the most common paints and what their purpose is:



Undercoat paint is mainly used to fill cracks, cover stains and seal surfaces. They are specifically used for wood or metal.



Matt emulsion is the first choice when it comes to painting walls and ceilings, as it distributes easily on the surface and is simple to use with a brush or a roller.



Gloss paint is used to create a shiny effect, particularly on wooden and metal surfaces. Sometimes it can be considered slightly too glossy, but a satin finish can strike the right balance.



Eggshell is an alternative to gloss paint as it is very durable, but has a less shiny finish. It is mostly used on woodwork.


Ceiling Paint

Painting a ceiling can prove to be very challenging, which is why there are a number of ceiling paints that have a more gelled texture, which prevents drips and covers crevices.


Floor Paint

Floor paint is designed to be resistant to wear and footfall, and usually comes with a semi-gloss finish.



Limewash is a water-based and eco-friendly type of paint, that is used to create a soft matt finish, that is easily wipeable.


Textured Paint

There are a number of textured paints on the market that can really add a unique dynamic to an interior. Silk, velvet and suede are all achievable looks with textured paint.