What Our Architectural Designers Can Do For You

What Our Architects Can Do For You


APT Renovation is a design & build team, meaning that we have our own in-house architectural designers that have designed some of the most stunning projects you will see in London. We have laid out some of the top things that our architectural designers can do for you:

Come Up With Amazing Ideas

You will already have your own idea on what you want done to your home, and our architectural designers will take this on board, but they will also have brilliant ideas of their own that you will not have even considered. Our architectural designers have amassed so much experience in terms of interior designs as well as extensions, so they know exactly what to do with spaces and how to make the most out of them.

Work Around Your Budget

One of the benefits to being an all-in-one team is that our architectural designers will work around your budget with you, and this information will be shared throughout the design & build team. This means total clarity for you along the way, rather than dealing with third-parties and the risk of getting your wires crossed. We will even advise you on how to avoid making any unnecessary costs.

Re-create A Style You Like

If you happen to have a picture of some interior design that you may want to emulate, then you can take that straight to our architectural designers and we can replicate this as much as possible, parameters permitting. Our architectural designers know where to source every type of material and have access to all the specialist suppliers around.

Incredible Attention To Detail

At APT, our architectural designers do not miss a thing, every little detail is of paramount importance. We take pride in designing and building your dream home, and we leave no stone unturned. Our architectural designers go the extra mile when designing your home project, with every millimetre accurately covered.